The Fowler Family Homepage Welcome to my guestbook! 

Name: Rev. Bill McDonald
Hometown: Elk Grove, CA
Sent: 6.21 PM - 9/30

Thank-you for featuring links to some of my stories. Those are true experiences and have been featured on many web sites - if someone is looking for more of the same kind of spiritual true life experiences please visit my main web site "The Vietnam Experience" at and click onto "Spiritaul Combat Stories" - or, onto my name on the top of the page "Bill McDonald" and then click onto "Spiritual Stories" - which are non-military experiences like the "Amazing Grace" Story. I enjoyed vsiting your web site and will be back again. God bless you. Rev. Bill 

Name: Thomas
Hometown: Alabama, USA
Sent: 10.31 PM - 5/19

Just passing through. Great site. God Bless!

Name: Allan Svensson
Hometown: Sweden
Sent: 10.27 AM - 5/13

I found your nice Web Site by surfing on the Internet, and I wish you God's peace and blessing through Jesus Christ.

Name: GGG
Hometown: Florida - The Recount State of the United States
Sent: 12.38 AM - 12/31

Yes, you have me, an original from the re-count state of Florida signing your lovely web site which give God glory! Praise Jesus and Happy New Year!

Name: Marvin Horton
Hometown: Coffeeville, MS
Sent: 3.41 AM - 12/17

This is a wonderful site! Keep up the good work.

Name: Elia
Hometown: Elsa
Sent: 6.15 PM - 12/10

nice site!!

Name: Allan Svensson
Sent: 5:09 PM - 9/21
Glory to God and his dear Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour!
I found your beautiful Web Site from this Web Site:

Name: Net Buddies
Hometown: USA
Sent: 12:44 PM - 6/30
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Name: Marcia
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Sent: 3:02 AM - 6/29
Hello! Very nice site! I'm your community leader of Heartland Helping Hands stopping by to look around. Great job!

Name: Pauline
Hometown: Vancouver Island .BC. Canada
Sent: 5:17 AM - 5/9
What a lot to look at!! I have just become a member of the family webring and you are #2 on the list. I am originally from Marple, Cheshire, then for the 21 years Bury, Lancs, you can imagine my surprise at seeing the good old map. Lovely site, I will be back.

Name: Beverley
Hometown: Virginia
Sent: 12:16 AM - 4/28
Hello Michael, Its been awhile since I visited! What a wonderful job you've done! My daughter blessed me with my first grandchild,Alexis Renee on April 6. I've been too busy to do much on here....
Many blessings,

Name: Ray and Trixie Keilty
Hometown: Motherwell
Sent: 8:56 PM - 4/17
Your site was recommended by Tim Wilson, so we dropped by today. There is so much to see and will come back. Just to say "Hi," from Motherwell. We enjoyed wee Michaels page. He looks cool with his guitar. Today we just bought a Pokemon.
Love you lots. Would like to hear from you and others. Ray and Trixie. Hugs. XXXX

Name: Hanne Laursen
Hometown: Rognan, Norway
Sent: 9:27 PM - 4/7
Hi to you.

I was looking around and then I landed here, and I most say that it was`t so bad. This the one of the best Christian homepages I have been to, here you can spend many days, so I have to come back again to see more. So for now I wish you and yours a Happy Eater, may the light shine for you and God Bless you and yours, Love from Norway Hanne

<center><a href="">
<img src="" alt="Random Acts of Kindness" border="0"></a></center>

Name: tony ford
Hometown: Clayton-le-Woods, Leyland, Lancashire, England
Sent: 9:17 PM - 3/25
There's a lot to see and do, I'll be back, hope to see you at our site now, if you come, don't forget to sign our guestbook too!!!!

Name: Babette Hill
Hometown: Missouri, USA
Sent: 3:36 AM - 2/18
I wanted to say Hi! I just joined the CJHAW ring and your site is the one befoe mine. I am new to webpage building and am having fun. You have done a nice job with yours.

Hometown: MD
Sent: 2:21 AM - 2/5

Name: Michael Fowler Webmaster
Hometown: --
Sent: 3:26 PM - 1/23

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The Webmaster 

Name: Tim Wilson
Hometown: Georgia, USA
Sent: 12:37 AM - 1/11
Hi. Great site. I enjoyed my visit. Site design is superb.
Great information and Christian links. I will be back.
Visit my homepage if you have time. Click on THE CRUCIFIXION link. I think you will enjoy this animation.
GOD Bless and best wishes from our family to yours.

Name: Pauline
Hometown: Oak Hill, Ohio
Sent: 1:15 PM - 12/15
Hi! Nice pages! I have enjoyed my visit. God Bless...

Name: Beverly Fowler Miller
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Sent: 10:21 PM - 12/6
Hello, I am a Fowler by birth, but my family has been here in the United States since I think forever. Have no record of when they came here but it has been many generations ago. I do know that it would have been before my 5 great grandfather. This is a great site and will be coming back a see more of it. 

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  The Fowler Family Homepage Welcome to my guestbook! 

Name: Jo & June
Homepage: http://your%20dad%20has%20it!/
Hometown: OK, USA
Sent: 10:57 PM - 11/26
We like your page a lot and are anxious for our greatnephew Dillon to see it also. Since his granny's computer is up again now, he should be getting in contact with you soon. Happy Webpaging!

Name: Gerry Lawler
Hometown: B`ham,Alabama
Sent: 5:51 AM - 11/13
Hi,Michael....Just checking back to see how you are doing!Loved all your artwork!Would like for you to visit me and meet all my grandchildren.They are from 8 years old to 20. And add your link to my Add a Link page,if you want to.Take care,Gerry

Name: Shawn Keally
Hometown: San Francisco, USA
Sent: 9:01 AM - 11/2
Hi Michael Jr.! I got your message about your new webpage and I just checked it out. You're a bright young man and I enjoyed seeing your drawing, art gallery, and doing your crossword puzzle. Thanks for the fun. Your friend in the U.S., Shawn

Name: Barbara
Hometown: Derby, Kansas USA
Sent: 6:45 AM - 11/2
I found your site by looking around in Heartland. My web site is a first for me. It was fun doing it but most of all Jesus Christ must be glorified in everything we do.
I was in England many years ago. I spent about two weeks in Liverpool back in 1965. I have enjoyed your page and expect to read more of them at a later date. I will bookmark it. Keep up the good work.

Name: Adrienne
Hometown: Huntsville, Canada
Sent: 9:29 PM - 10/29
What a wonderful site. I look forward to visiting it often

Name: Kayla Brown
Hometown: Markham, ON, Canada
Sent: 9:36 PM - 10/28
You are cool. I would to visit England. My great grandparents were from there.

Name: Gerry Lawler
Hometown: B`ham,Ala
Sent: 1:43 AM - 10/20
Really a great page!I have enjoyed.Thank you for sharing.God Bless. Gerry

Name: Luisa
Sent: 4:54 PM - 10/8
Hi, I was led to your page by a mutual friend, Deborah. she thinks very highly of you. ;o) You've made a great friend in her. I think you have done a wonderful job on your site, keep up the great work for the Lord! I also have a web site, dedicated to the Lord, and I hope and pray, guided by Him as well. God Bless you and Your family.
In His Care,
PS. Please stop by my pages and see what you think. don't forget to leave your signature in my guess book. So that I will have a link back to your wonderful site. 

Name: D^Andra
Hometown: Nevada , USA
Sent: 9:22 AM - 9/11
I enjoyed my visit here.Keep up the good work.Come to my page see what I do,don't forget to sign the guestbook.Now that's really friendship,have a nice day....D^Andra

Name: Heather Symons
Hometown: London,Ontario Canada
Sent: 6:34 PM - 9/10
Having trouble trying to send EM to you Micheal Fowler,
it says no such address, not a Bigfoot member.

Name: Susie
Hometown: Hersey, Michigan
Sent: 12:40 PM - 9/9
I am trying to make a homepage. I just moved to Hersey and do not know anyone. I live on 40 acres and have a new home. I feel totally isolated and want to meet some nice people to corespond with on the net.

Name: Roberta
Hometown: Indiana, USA
Sent: 1:48 AM - 9/5
I was just looking for a new guestbook for my son's page and I saw your entry there about only having 2 visitors. So, I thought I'd be nice and come visit. You really have a nice page. Take care!

Name: The Setterstrom's
Hometown: BC Canada
Sent: 5:44 AM - 9/3
Hello from the Setterstrom's. We really enjoyed our visit to your homepage. There is a lot of great stuff here. Have a great day!<br><a href=""><IMG src=""></A>

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