Flightpath to the Gods

I recently watched a documentary following Dr Tony Spawforth's expedition to investigate the strange figures and geometric designs - the so-called Nazca lines in the desert of southern Peru.

These were first brought to the attention of the public by von Daniken in his book "Chariots of the Gods" who claimed that the long straight lines in the desert surface were "runways" made by aliens landing on the earth and suggested that "God is a spaceman" that is Man's belief in God has resulted from Man's ancient encounters with more intelligent alien life-forms visiting this planet.

Dr Spawforth produced good arguments to suggest that the lines and shapes rather than being made by aliens were made by an ancient civilisation to try and "attract" the attention of God looking down on them from above.

Man has tried in many different ways over the years to try and attract God's attention unsuccessfully.

Christmas is the time when God reached down to us and revealed himself to us in his son Jesus.

Author Michael Fowler December 1997