Two Things to Worry About?

Two things to worry about?

“In life you have two things to worry about...” so starts a particularly long joke which I will spare you but really in life there is only one thing to worry about, whether you trust God or not. Everything else stems from your answer to the question “Do I trust God?”

Adam and Eve did not trust God that he knew what was best for them when they believed the lies of the Devil and ate of the forbidden fruit and bore the consequences. (Genesis) I have seen what has happened to both myself and others when at times we have gone our own way rather than God's way... many times it has not ended well.

I like many drivers like the freedom of when driving from A to B I can often choose one of a number of different routes. A passenger in the car might question why I have taken a certain route but I am the one in the driving seat. You may have heard this analogy before. You are driving along a road and see Jesus stood beside the road. You stop, lean over and open the passenger door and ask him if he wants a lift. He then tells you to move over and he will take the driving position. Do you trust God to take control of your life and take you from A to B by his choice of route?

I sometimes have occasion to sit in the passenger seat of a driving instruction car where I know I have to keep my feet clear of the dual-control pedals. When God is directing our lives it is not our job to be pressing the “pedals” in the passenger foot-well to influence where we go. God has it all in hand.

When a driving instructor has dual controls it can help the learning process for the novice driver. When needed the instructor from the passenger seat can take control of the car. In due time (with the right instructor) the learner driver will pass his test and be able to drive on his own without help from an instructor. God though neither wants nor is willing to be a “driving instructor” sitting in the passenger seat operating the “dual controls” when needed but otherwise leaving the driver to drive the way he chooses. He wants to be in the “driving seat” of your life.

Watched one of my favourite tv series “Blindspot” which concerns a secret service lady who has had her memory erased and does not know who she is. On her journey to this week's escapade she is a passenger on an aeroplane and is particulary scared of flying. Later in the episode she discovers that she is an experienced Apache Helicopter pilot (as you do!) with no fear of flying. When asked to explain this contradiction she explains when she is a passenger she is not in control, but as a pilot she is in control of the situation. Are we afraid when we are not in control of a situation? Most probably. God though can be trusted and he will, if you let him, control the situation for your best.

Author: Michael Fowler

January 2016